February 2021 - News Round Up

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We hope everyone is keeping safe and well.

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New Website - Club kit Ordering - Virtual Events - Membership Renewal Time

New Club Website

We have a new club website which you can find on this link:


You can find out about club events, news updates and renew your membership. There are also useful links to the main cycling organisations and other links to, UKAD and WADA.

Have a look and let us know what you think.

Membership Renewals

We understand that it’s a really tough time for everyone at the moment with people facing many different personal and employment challenges.

We also recognise that due to the current circumstances the usual club activities have not been able to take place. We are continually looking at how the club can enable its members to continue to enjoy cycling by using the clubs collective knowledge and abilities. This can be achieved by organising virtual events, providing tried and tested routes and access to our online community to exchange information and ideas.

If you are able to renew your membership that would be very welcome. You can renew by using this link:


Time Trials

Well done to Lee Williams for placing 19th in the 2020 British Best All Rounder Time Trial series. To achieve a combined average speed of 25.353 mph for the 50mile, 100 mile and 12 hour events is astounding. Take a look at Lee’s certificate on the website news page.


Cycling Time Trials has cancelled all time trails due to Covid restrictions. Michael will update the calender with this information and let us know when Cycling Time Trials provide an update.

Cyclo Cross

The club open CX event has had to be cancelled due to the Covid restrictions. Richie will let us know when CX activity can resume.

Virtual Events

Will, has been looking at ways to get club activities going in the virtual world to make it possible to ride together and have a go at some events. Will has been using the WhatsApp groups provide information on events to enter and gauge the interest in setting up some interclub competitions with Newbury Velo.

If you would like to know more or have some idea on virtual events, contact Will on willnisbet23@live.co.uk

Club Rides

Club rides are still suspended. The latest lockdown restrictions can be found here:


When we do get the all clear to ride in groups and hold social events, we have identified a new meeting place while Monk Sherborne village hall is being redeveloped.

The new meeting place is the Sherborne St John village hall, which is not far from Monk Sherborne. It’s quite a new village hall with good off road parking for those members who travel from further afield. We will also be able to hold club nights, meetings and social events there.

When the lockdown restrictions are revised we will review the situation and look at the way forward from there.

Club Kit

The new website has a heading for club kit. Click on the name of the suppler and it will take to the suppliers ordering portal where you will see the custom club kit.

Shutt Velo is our supplier for all general road kit. An order window will be opened from 1st March and will close on 14th March.

Ordering - When you order via the portal you will be placing the order and paying Shutt Velo directly with the order being dispatched from Shutt Velo directly to you.

The minimum order level for the club is five of any one type of garment regardless of size or men’s/women’s cut.

Sizing –Due to the Covid situation there can be no fitting sessions. We have been advised that the sizing is about the same as the Wyndy kit for the shorts and jerseys, but is different for the Gabba Type long sleeve winter jacket and bibtights.

Please refer closely to the size guide for the garments as refunds cannot be made for incorrect size selection.

Nopinz supply the specialist skinsuits and aerodynamic, overshoes and socks. At the moment we only have the legacy design (white, orange and green) set up with Nopinz. If there is demand for the black kit we can set that up with only a small lead time. If you would like the black themed design please contact Luke.brashier@gmail.com.

Ordering - When you order via the portal you will be placing the order and paying Nopinz directly with the order being dispatched from Nopinz directly to you.

There are no minimum order requirements with Nopinz so you can order at any time.

Sizing – As with any custom specialist kit please refer closely to the size guide for the garments as refunds cannot be made for incorrect size selection.

Looking Forward

As we all look forward to an improvement in the Covid situation, springtime and better weather, don’t forget to let the committee know of any ideas you may have for club activities, especially around raising money for our charity St Michaels Hospice.

Any questions or want more information contact:


Thanks for taking the time to read this latest update.

Stay safe.

Your Committee

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