Pre Registration for Club Rides Ends

This Announcement Applies to Club Rides and Does Not Cover Club Time Trials

With the ending of legal Covid restrictions and Track and Trace, there is no essential reason why pre-registration for club rides should continue.

Details of the rides will be published in advance as usual.

The expectation is that:

  • No one will come out on a ride if they are experiencing any symptoms of not feeling well

  • People will follow government guidance/recommendations

Although there is no need to pre-register for club rides, it has been useful for the ride leaders to know who plans to attend. If you do intend to come out please let the ride leaders know via the WhatsApp ride group and include which group you will be joining.

This is not essential but would be very much appreciated.

If you have not got around to renewing your membership could you do so, please. Your membership needs to be up to date for you to have access to the club's WhatsApp groups.

Any changes to registration for club time trials will be addressed by the time trial secretary.

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