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How to Join the North Hampshire RC

The easiest way is through the British Cycling website. Start the process by clicking on the button below. 

Follow these steps on the British Cycling website:

  • On the right hand side just below full width red and blue menu, there is a red button “Buy Club Membership”. Click this button.

  • Most people will select either “Senior First Claim” (aged 18-39) or “Veteran First Claim” (aged 40 or over).

  • Then select either to buy for "yourself" or "someone else".

  • Select either that "you have.." or "you DO NOT have.." a British Cycling account.


If You have a British Cycling account

  • You are either asked to login or

  • Your British Cycling details are pre-populated.

  • Click "Proceed to Payment".




You DO NOT have a British Cycling account (or lapsed)

  • You are presented with a blank form.

  • Enter your personal details and an Account Password.

  • Then click "Proceed to Payment".

Note: you can join British Cycling when entering your personal details


After selecting 'Proceed to Payment'

  • Enter your card details and billing address.

  • Check the two boxes to confirm you are over 16 and agree to the terms of buying membership on the BC website.

  • Select "Submit Payment" and you are DONE!

  • There is also an OPTION to buy British Cycling membership that you DON’T have to do… because... below that there is another red button to click to “Proceed to Payment”. Click that! (Skipping the BC membership purchase)

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