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Club Time Trial Pre-Registration

we are running our Club events as pre-registration and pre payment system.
There is no just turn up, you must pre book. Register by 6pm the day before.

The Pre Registration form is here-  google forms document

Prepayment link is here-

Any problems or for more info please contact me

To qualify for the Club Points Championship and the Veterans Pedal Trophy, riders should complete 12 events, which must include 5 x 10's, 3 x 25's and 4 hilly events. Riders must compete on at least two different hilly courses.

Events marked with an * count towards the Circuit Series Championship. Points awarded from riders' best six results. 

All 'Open' events listed in the 'Notes' column need to be entered at least 2 weeks in advance by reference to the 'Cycling Time Trials' handbook, using the standard entry form.

Interclub event with Andover Wheelers counts towards Circuit, Points and Veteran competitions. NHRC Open events do not.

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