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How to Order Club Kit


Shutt Velo Rapide is the club's supplier of high quality kit such as jerseys, bib shorts and winter clothing. this can be for Sunday club rides, Time Trials or for Cyclo-cross.

Order windows will be opened on a regular basis to coincide with the spring and winter seasons. An email will be sent out to all members when the order windows are open.

To view the range available click on the Shutt Rapide logo:



Nopinz is the club's supplier for skinsuits and aerodynamic overshoes, socks, and gloves.

There are no minimum order limits for Nopinz and you can order at any time by clicking on the Nopinz logo below:



Use this password to get into the club portal  NORTHhampshire2020 


For more information contact:- contact us

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