Update - Monday Night Rides 

In normal times we would be approaching the commencement of the Monday evening rides.


Last time we ran these rides, on some Mondays we had in excess of 60 riders turning up and it was becoming a large task. So we were looking at how to make them more manageable.


Given the current Covid 19 requirements for club organised rides to go ahead, changes will have to be made. The committee is looking at potential changes such as holding the rides over several evenings instead, making sure we don't clash with the Time Trials of course.


For weekday evening rides volunteers will also be needed to take on the organisation and ride leading duties that these additional rides will need. This is a major factor in the decision on holding additional rides and the committee will need to know that volunteers are available before they decide on the course of action to take. Please contact luke.brashier@gmail.com if you are interested in taking on the organisation or ride leading duties.


Whilst we are going through this review the Monday night rides will not be going ahead.


We will keep you updated as we move forward.


Meanwhile, the weekly Time Trials and the Sunday rides will continue with the different groups on offer providing the opportunity to get out with the club.